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Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Reviews

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Reviews - $463,590.22 in Only 58 Days!

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Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Reviews

Guru Product Launch Review:

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots, the new Pay Per Click-ClickBank strategy was officially released on Dec. 1, 2008  to the delight of internet marketers and webmasters who had long sought for an alternative source of search engine traffic; an industry dominated by Google AdWords.

On Dec. 1st the floodgates opened at 9:00AM Eastern time, and it has been non-stop ever since. It was no surprise to see that many of the eager buyers of Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots were PPC professionals and affiliate marketers who felt marginalized by what they claim to be Google’s restrictive policies, and believe the search giant to be anti-affiliate.

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Reviews

While Yahoo delivers less traffic, some webmasters say that this traffic is more targeted and often have higher conversion rates. In fact, the lower traffic volume is the main reason why internet marketers had not aggressively advertised on Yahoo, but all that is expected to change with the  release of Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots, which is said to contain little known workarounds that allow an advertiser to get top ad placements for the lowest costs per click; likely the same reason for the renewed interest in Yahoo’s Search Marketing Service.

The Yahoo! Cash 4 Idiots team revealed that the response has been overwhelming, and beyond their expectations and thankful for all the support.

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Reviews

Review by Mr. Sencio

Summary:  Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots is a PPC - Affiliate Marketing business model strategy that shows you how to make money by promoting ClickBank products through paid traffic (PPC). What is unique here is that similar courses are centered around the very competitive and more expensive Google AdWords. But what is even more interesting is that Dean (the product owner) reveals a secret glitch that he uses to get the best ad positions for very low Cost Per Clicks on Yahoo, so his campaigns become profitable quickly. This is unlike the usual AdWords campaign where the first phases of testing and tweaking often lead to an initial loss that you make up for later, and usually for many newbies, it's could be a total loss.

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Reviews

The Pros:  The product is very detailed in instruction, and it comes with a very helpful getting started video. While the manual is centered around the hack on Yahoo, it presents you with step by step instructions on how to really leverage the  knowledge that you already possess.

The Cons:
  There is not a ton of content, but especially for newbies, this really is not a problem. Especially because Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots, comes with a nice beginners guide. Being there isn't a product like it anywhere, let's say that there aren't really any.


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Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Reviews


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Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Reviews

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Yahoo Cash Idiots Reviews

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Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Reviews